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Talent Market Intelligence Beyond Candidate Generation

DoubleStar’s COO, Kevin Drury, is pleased to announce the company’s newest capability to conduct talent market research and create actionable talent market intelligence to enable its clients to analyze critical talent market trends, better plan their talent acquisition initiatives, build market-based succession plans and retention initiatives, and target specific talent pools for relationship recruiting.

“We’ve noticed a clear trend over the past two years”, notes Kevin.  “Clients have been asking for more and more help with targeted sourcing, and more help with gathering talent market intelligence.  What we realized is that many organizations are lacking detailed information about where their target talent sits and how to best reach them.  They need better visibility into talent markets, and our new tools will enable us to provide that, not only for talent acquisition, but for broader workforce planning uses as well.”

DoubleStar and its partner Talent/IQ Advisors have developed a proprietary set of internet research tools that can produce zip-code level talent market data.  The tools enable quick analysis of talent supply by functional role, current compensation, talent demand from competitors, recent graduate supply data, hiring requirements analysis, and other data critical to understanding the supply of talent in a given geography.

“A number of clients have already benefited from this capability,” notes Drury.  “For example, we provided an Engineering firm with data about Electrical, Civil, and Mechanical Engineer talent supply in the Philadelphia Demographic Region, including compensation levels and competitive intelligence from their top 10 main competitors.  In another case, we provided a health care network with a zip-code level analysis of their current talent market share of RNs and Allied Health Professionals in the 25 zip codes surrounding their locations.  In both cases, our clients used the data to make informed decisions about where and how to recruit the talent they needed to fill critical openings faster.”

Drury adds, “Every organization can benefit from having clear, research-based data about the talent markets that are most critical to their business.”  We are happy that DoubleStar is positioned to help provide the critical data that clients need to truly understand the talent markets so critical to their continued growth.”