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DoubleStar Earns Great Place to Work Certification™

DoubleStar, Inc., a top national professional recruitment and consulting firm, is proud to be Certified™ by Great Place to Work® for a third time. This prestigious award is based entirely on what current employees say about their experience working at DoubleStar. This year, 97% of employees said it’s a great place to work – that’s nearly every employee! Great Place to Work is the global authority on workplace culture, employee experience, and the leadership behaviors proven to deliver market-leading revenue, employee retention and increased innovation.

According to Christine Treski, DoubleStar Managing Director, “We are so proud of our amazing, confident, and skilled team of professionals and support staff. Our employees often say that DoubleStar is a fun and energetic place to work—one where we put people first, so I’m not surprised at our high employee satisfaction number.”

“Great Place to Work Certification™ isn’t something that comes easily – it takes ongoing dedication to the employee experience,” said Sarah Lewis-Kulin, Vice President of Global Recognition at Great Place to Work. “It’s the only official recognition determined by employees’ real-time reports of their company culture. Earning this designation means that DoubleStar is one of the best companies to work for in the country.”

Learn more about what makes DoubleStar a great place to work. If you are interested in exploring career opportunities at DoubleStar, view our Employee Spotlight videos.

About Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work® Certification™ is the most definitive “employer-of-choice” recognition that companies aspire to achieve. It is the only recognition based entirely on what employees report about their workplace experience – specifically, how consistently they experience a high-trust workplace. Great Place to Work Certification is recognized worldwide by employees and employers alike and is the global benchmark for identifying and recognizing outstanding employee experience. Every year, more than 10,000 companies across 60 countries apply to get Great Place to Work-Certified.

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. Since 1992, they have surveyed more than 100 million employees worldwide and used those deep insights to define what makes a great workplace: trust. Their employee survey platform empowers leaders with the feedback, real-time reporting, and insights they need to make data-driven people decisions. Everything they do is driven by the mission to build a better world by helping every organization become a great place to work For All™.

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Large Hospital System Overcomes Covid Hiring Challenges

Health systems are consistently challenged with trying to fill open positions. The nursing shortage, which has been a problem for years, coupled with high turnover and unprecedented competition for qualified talent, has created a dire situation. And it is not just clinical professionals that are in demand. Competition for Allied Health and Support Services staff is stretching the skills of even the most experienced recruiter.

DoubleStar, known for its solid approach to Talent Acquisition solutions, was contacted by a large hospital system in early 2020, to assist with its regular nurse hiring. This assignment is in DoubleStar’s wheelhouse, however, as the pandemic hit, the hospital’s hiring needs increased and changed exponentially. Its nursing shortage became a nursing crisis, and its support people were leaving in droves. The number of ‘open reqs’ skyrocketed per recruiter, in every area of hiring. They needed people—fast—to keep the hospital running and secure while caring for patients. 

As a result, our team of six recruiters was tasked with ever-changing roles from sourcing nurses and support staff as background support for the client’s front-facing recruiters, to staffing emerging vaccine clinics as time went on. Eventually, as the pandemic eased a bit our team members slowly rolled off the project one by one.

Changing Labor Market Presents New Challenges

As the country’s labor market changed again, it presented challenges for many of DoubleStar’s healthcare clients. For this particular client, identifying, hiring, and onboarding new employees in mass quantities became something they just could not handle alone. They requested support from DoubleStar—an initial request that started with one researcher and grew to a team of over twenty individuals.

Cool heads, a high level of organization, and a few compromises
were needed to address this unprecedented challenge.

DoubleStar had a qualified team of recruiters, researchers, and coordinators with nursing and healthcare hiring experience, but not the number of people needed to address a request of this size. As a result, we asked the client for a few compromises: Could they add recruiters with experience outside of healthcare and train them? Could we build a completely virtual team, to be assembled over time, to address the hospital’s increasingly complex hiring needs?

To meet the needs of the client, we had to
become more agile, learn quickly, and adjust fluidly.

To accomplish that, we promoted one of our top Recruitment Consultants, who had worked with this client since the beginning, to a leadership role. This helped to manage the day-to-day operations of the project. Over the course of the next nine months, we hired twenty-three Talent Acquisition professionals from all over the country—with the objective of building a cohesive team to meet our client’s volume of hiring needs.

A Complete Recruiting Solution—All Under One Roof

By partnering with DoubleStar, you have the advantage of a team that shares resources, learnings, tips, and problem-solving strategies in a highly collaborative environment where the success of one person translates into the success of the team. There are no egos, no competition, no outside agendas—just a group of hard-working individuals focused on meeting the client’s needs. Furthermore, the client does not have to worry about educating multiple vendors, keeping track of multiple invoices, or figuring out who is in charge. At DoubleStar, there is one executive in charge of the project and one cohesive team working on the deliverables.

The DoubleStar Difference

Honesty & Transparency
With Frequent Communications

to Expand & Contract

Project Delivery
Especially During Challenging Times

Employee Spotlight: Christine Treski

Meet Christine Treski, Managing Director of Recruitment Delivery at DoubleStar.

She helps set the strategic direction for the company, manages all client projects, and hires the firm’s recruitment consultants. In this video, she discusses DoubleStar’s onboarding process for new employees, the complexities and rewards of the firm’s sales expansion projects for pharmaceutical companies, and their approach to guiding clients through the challenges of the ‘great resignation’. Learn more about what makes DoubleStar a true partner to its clients.

Want to join an exceptional team of recruitment professionals?

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Employee Spotlight: Melissa Brown

Meet Melissa Brown, one of our Recruitment Support Specialists at DoubleStar.

In the current competitive climate where candidates are so hard to find, she has found that the supportive culture at DoubleStar makes a difference. The compassionate environment strengthens Melissa’s love for the company, “I always say that I want to be the DoubleStar mascot. I love the people I work with—the leadership team, as well as my coworkers.” View her video to learn more about Melissa and the working environment at DoubleStar.

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Employee Spotlight: Michelle Billetta

Meet Michelle Billetta, one of our Senior Research Consultants at DoubleStar.

Her clients, who are primarily in the IT and science fields, have a growing need for research. According to Michelle, “Because there are so many jobs and so few people for those jobs, research has to go out and find enough appropriate candidates to fill those positions”. View her video to learn more about Michelle and what it’s like to work at DoubleStar.

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Employee Spotlight: Alison Worth

Meet Alison Worth, one of our Senior Recruitment Consultants at DoubleStar. 

For the past 11 years, she has met the challenges of many of our clients, including those in healthcare. According to Alison, “Healthcare has always been a challenge but over the last two years candidate recruitment has been the hardest thing that any recruiter has faced. Not only are there increased needs but people are leaving the industry at an unprecedented rate.” View her video to learn more about Alison and what it’s like to work at DoubleStar.

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