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You can’t recruit anyone you can’t find.

DoubleStar provides a host of innovative, cost-effective candidate identification services to help our clients find and recruit the talent they need to drive their business growth.

Many of our clients engage our research and sourcing team to serve as their “sourcing engine,” using us to research talent markets, identify likely candidates, execute candidate engagement initiatives, and conduct the initial screening. This approach frees our clients’ recruiters to focus on candidate care and consulting to the hiring managers rather than spend their time in tedious candidate-generation activities.

Other clients use our team to build proactive candidate pipelines and recruit ahead of the hiring need so that when hiring needs occur, they have a ready pipeline of pre-qualified candidates to provide their clients with on-demand candidate delivery.

Our Candidate Identification services include:

  • Conducting original talent market research to identify and generate new supplies of candidates

  • Mapping the competitive talent landscape in a specific industry to identify pools of targeted candidates for direct sourcing

  • Designing and executing targeted sourcing campaigns to find candidates with the specific skill sets you need

  • Researching diverse candidate pools and engaging them to apply

  • Developing comprehensive, actionable competitive talent intelligence