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U.S. Jobless Claims at Lowest Level Since Mid-March 2020

With headlines like these, how can hiring managers, HR departments, and recruiters manage?

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2022 GSC-SHRM Annual Conference and Expo

October 3, 2022
A powerful and relevant lineup of programming featuring a wide range of HR topics presented by subject matter experts and professional speakers. The conference agenda includes four blocks of concurrent educational sessions, three mega session blocks, three general sessions, plus other networking and conference activities. The conference is intended to sharpen your business, leadership and interpersonal skills, and to provide you and your organization with the skills and competencies needed to thrive in today’s working environment.

Large Hospital System Overcomes Covid Hiring Challenges

September 30, 2022
DoubleStar helped to identify, hire, and onboard new employees in mass quantities—an initial request that started with one DoubleStar researcher and grew to a team of over twenty individuals.

Employee Spotlight: Christine Treski

September 26, 2022
Meet Christine, Managing Director of Recruitment Delivery at DoubleStar.

PSPS Thought Leadership Program

September 14, 2022
Re-energize, Re-focus, Re-charge and Have Fun with your HR Team! Keri Ohlrich, Ph.D., CEO at Abbraci Group, co-author of The Way of the HR Warrior: Leading the CHARGE to Transform Your Career and Organization and Kelly Guenther, COO at Abbracci Group. Together Keri and Kelly also Co-host the reCHARGE® Your Life Podcast. We’ll talk about what’s changed, what’s in front of us, and what will it take to overcome the barriers. We’ll learn how we can take action and apply the skills of the HR Warrior to re-charge ourselves, teams and organizations.

HR Department of the Year Awards 2022

August 16, 2022
The HR Department of the Year Awards 2022 Dinner will showcase departments from the Philadelphia region who have shown exemplary leadership in various categories. Please join us in honoring those who are committed to upholding values and resilience during changing times.

PSPS Leadership Forum: Adapt Faster – The Latest Trends in the Science of Neuroleadership

July 19, 2022
Dr. David Rock will be the spotlight guest. Dr. Rock is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at the NeuroLeadership Institute.

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