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Urban Healthcare System Rebuilds Its Recruiting Capability

Client Challenge

A multi-entity health system recognized it had a broken model for delivering recruiting services to the organization. Open positions were taking too long to fill, hiring managers were unhappy with service levels, and recruiting costs were out of control.

All of this impacted the quality of patient care and needed to be corrected urgently. However, no one in the organization had the expertise to rebuild the function, so the health system engaged DoubleStar to be its RPO Partner.

Our Solution

DoubleStar conducted a quick but comprehensive assessment of the current state of recruiting, including hiring requirements, sourcing strategies, selection processes, hiring practices, and overall recruiting infrastructure.

We then assigned a Project Leader and a team of experienced healthcare recruiters to redefine the entire function, build processes and workstreams, select and implement automated tools, prioritize openings, and begin recruiting work. Within 60 days, this client went from having no dedicated recruiting team to having a fully staffed, fully functioning team that was engaging hiring managers and filling positions.

Business Impacts

Over the 10 years of this RPO relationship, DoubleStar has delivered an average of 1,300 hires/year at an average time-to-fill of 21 days for non-nursing roles and 32 days for nursing roles. Cost-per-hire averaged $1,200 for non-nursing hires and $1,800 for nursing roles, delivering a 50% savings over their internal performance and ranking among the industry’s most efficient healthcare recruiting implementations. Savings totalled over $1.5 million annually, which the system could use for patient-related improvements. This engagement was so successful that it was renewed four times.

Additionally, upon conclusion of the last renewal, DoubleStar worked in close partnership with our client to transition the function in-house, enabling a smooth transition and uninterrupted services to the business.