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What happens when the right candidates do not respond to your posting campaign and a critical position goes unfilled for an extended period?

DoubleStar’s Talent Scouting methodology has combined our multi-layered candidate research initiatives with refined methods of direct candidate engagement to introduce these specialized opportunities to targeted candidate pools. This approach provides engaged, interested, and suitable candidates to recruiters to contact for specific hiring needs.

Through targeted research, DoubleStar’s Talent Scout Recruiters will directly engage potential candidates to:

  • Introduce and present position and organizational (selling points) value proposition

  • Evaluate credentials

  • Assess interest levels

  • Confirm location and travel requirements

  • Review compensation and experience levels

  • Gauge overall hiring fit and viability

This initiative will also identify and source passive candidate prospects from competitors, as well as organizations with experienced workers in similar or targeted environments.

All targeted prospect and candidate data identified during the project will become a recruitment asset for future hires and the property of the client.