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Filling one job is challenging;
filling dozens requires expert assistance.

Whenever your staff is overwhelmed with sudden spikes in recruiting needs, DoubleStar is ready to help.

We have a seasoned, trained team of recruiters ready to step in at a moment’s notice to expand your recruiting capabilities. Whether you need end-to-end recruiting services, a full-cycle recruiter, sourcing support, or help with a staff expansion with tight deadlines, DoubleStar has the experience and know-how to fit seamlessly into your environment, build the correct solution, and work effectively with your hiring managers or HR teams.

We have deep expertise and proven approaches for tackling any recruiting project you may be facing:

  • A spike in hiring demand in a department, geography, or division

  • The need to rapidly expand your staff, sales, IT, customer service, or processing function

  • The need to add specialized technical recruiting expertise to effectively handle increased recruiting demand

  • Add specific clinical talent to launch new clinics, service lines, or functional expansions

  • More recruiting power to supplement your existing team during a period of high growth

  • Focused recruiting to handle hard-to-fill openings that are taking too much time from your recruiting team

  • The need to add technically or scientifically savvy recruiters to focus on highly specialized roles

  • The need to add a layer of candidate identification and pre-screening to your existing recruiting team