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A great culture is the fertile ground where talent thrives.

At DoubleStar, we are first and foremost accomplished talent acquisition professionals. But we are also a tight-knit team of consultants working together to be the best talent problem-solvers in our industry.

A great culture does not happen by accident. It comes from assembling the right team, supporting each other, providing exceptional services for our clients, and making a commitment to support our clients, our stakeholders, and each other.

To enable everyone in our organization to reach their potential and achieve their goals, we have created a culture that values every individual, fosters professional and personal growth, rewards exceptional performance, and places clients’ need ahead of our own.

Here are our core beliefs:


We respect everyone as an individual and value everyone’s unique perspective.

Disruptive Improvement

We expect and encourage constructive disagreement and welcome everyone’s ideas for improvements.

Clients First

We put our clients’ needs ahead of our own, recognizing that without our clients we would not exist.

Trust & Accountability

We trust our team members to be professionals who take pride in and accountability for their work and their behavior.

Individual Freedom

We do not micro-manage our people or their work. We give our professionals as much elbow room and creative space as we can while remaining a cohesive organization.


We invest in developing our team and provide every individual with opportunities to expand their skills and capabilities.

Team Focus

We are first and foremost a team. We support each other and have each other’s back.

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