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Author: amanda

Healthcare System Fills EMR Analyst Roles in Record Time

Client Challenge

A leading healthcare system needed to cut implementation time in half for a new electronic medical records (EMR) system. The system needed to be installed in 400 physician practices in 18 months, an effort that required the identification, recruiting, and hiring of 40 highly specialized systems analysts and implementation specialists in less than 90 days.

Our Solution

DoubleStar assigned a team of recruitment consultants specializing in healthcare IT to identify candidates with the specific combination of IT and EMR knowledge required for these roles.

Working with the health system’s CIO and his direct reports, we designed and managed a recruiting initiative that identified talent targets, conducted an aggressive direct-recruiting campaign, executed detailed pre-qualification interviews, scheduled on-site interviews, and assisted our client in making and closing all offers.

Recruitment was only part of the assignment, however. DoubleStar worked with the existing IT management to construct a phased training and deployment process for the new hires to ensure optimal integration and the shortest time to productivity. The IT recruiting team later adopted this design as a best practice.

Business Impacts

The implementation of the new EMR system to 400 physician practices and ambulatory care offices took just 18 months – half the time originally projected. DoubleStar’s focused solution produced the required hires for less than $4,000 per hire, resulting in an overall savings of $250,000 compared to the cost of traditional third-party recruiting firms.

Additionally, our team transferred our entire work product to the client’s recruiting team, leaving them with a pipeline of recruitable talent for future openings and a replicable methodology for training and deploying new hires.

National IT Consulting Firm Accelerates Growth

Client Challenge

The leading national $1 billion provider of healthcare information systems launched an IT and Process Improvement Consulting Division to enable its clients to use their technology investments more effectively.

The new division’s growth was limited by only one thing: its ability to find, recruit, and hire the highly specialized healthcare IT talent required to lead the complex assignments its customers needed to execute. However, the company did not have the capability in-house to identify and recruit a large number of specialized IT professionals with skills in specific technologies for roles with an 80% national travel requirement.

To meet the need of hiring 100-125 specialized consultants annually, this client engaged DoubleStar to design and execute an end-to-end recruiting solution.

Our Solution

At the outset of this engagement, DoubleStar conducted a detailed needs analysis to determine current needs and likely near-term hiring needs. From that analysis, DoubleStar developed a national recruitment plan that prioritized both talent and geographic needs. We also created customized recruitment plans to account for the local talent market differences and a plan for efficiently screening and interviewing candidates to shorten hiring cycles.

DoubleStar then executed direct and indirect recruiting campaigns in Southern California, Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, and South Florida. The solution included centralized sourcing and direct recruiting, on-site interview teams at each location, recruitment consulting services to the client’s regional consulting directors, and strategic staffing planning services to the Division’s Vice President.

To support the direct-recruiting initiatives, DoubleStar also developed a national advertising/branding campaign, an accelerated employee referral program, and standardized interviewing templates for all positions recruited.

Business Impacts

This partnership, originally contracted for six months, was extended for over five years because it delivered continuous results, including:

  • 125 hires were executed annually, ranging from $90,000-$150,000 in compensation, at a fully loaded cost per hire under $5,000.
  • Turnover was reduced to under 10% annually due to enhanced pre-screening and more accurate selection practices.
  • The division was enabled to aggressively seek new business and prevail over the competition on the strength of its solid talent pipeline.
  • Hiring costs for this division were reduced by 50% annually, representing an annual savings of $600,000-$700,000.
  • The cost of recruitment became a fixed, predictable expense, enabling the growing division to better forecast talent acquisition investments.

Canadian Telecom & Media Leader Standardizes Recruitment Delivery

Client Challenge

A large Canadian communications and media company that employs more than 25,000 and hires over 5,000 annually was experiencing delays and disharmony at the outset of a new applicant tracking system (ATS) implementation. Unsure of its readiness to proceed, the company expressed an urgent need to review and standardize recruiting operations and practices across its disparate business units.

The company engaged DoubleStar to provide an assessment of its processes by comparing them to best practices and to provide a roadmap for improvement that was supported by the new ATS.

Our Solution

DoubleStar conducted a rapid (30-day) staffing process assessment to gain a 360-degree view of the current recruitment state, compare best practices, conduct gap analyses, and create a roadmap for improvement for simultaneous implementation of the company’s new ATS.

Our solution included:

  • Over 50 one-on-one interviews with key business leaders and HR stakeholders to determine corporate objectives and talent demand
  • Leading service delivery interviews with recruiting leaders and team members to understand the interaction between recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates
  • Reviewing existing recruitment processes/process maps, metrics, documents, tools, and templates
  • Analyzing the findings against best practices to create an overall improvement plan

Business Impacts

Our final deliverable was a complete process analysis, including Recommendations and a Transformation Plan. The client implemented all of DoubleStar’s key recommendations, which in turn enabled the successful completion of its ATS implementation on time and with high internal acceptance. Other key outcomes of this project included:

  • Standardized recruiting operations were established across all business units while retaining key local customization elements that impacted localized corporate branding.
  • Process reviews were completed prior to system customizations, saving the need for expensive redesigns.
  • Roadmap enabled an easy implementation of a Center of Excellence model.
  • Assessment provided a roadmap for pre- and post-implementation improvement projects that gave the client’s Recruitment Leadership Team project direction for 18 months.

Leading Biopharma Company Creates a Cost-Efficient R&D Recruiting Solution

Client Challenge

The HR team for one of the world’s top biopharmaceutical companies was having difficulty balancing increased demand for recruiting with their already heavy workloads. As a result, hiring managers were going to multiple agencies to service their staffing needs. As expenses grew, the client decided a more controlled and cost-effective approach was necessary.

The company selected DoubleStar to co-design and execute a pilot RPO to determine how it might work in their environment.

Our Solution

After reviewing a number of service providers, the client selected DoubleStar to conduct an RPO pilot in one of their most challenging areas: R&D. DoubleStar worked closely with the Senior Director for R&D Recruiting to plan, structure, and implement a 12-month project with a specific focus on difficult-to-fill R&D positions.

The project was implemented in three phases:

Phase I – Planning and Initial Rollout

  • DoubleStar worked in partnership with our client to understand current hiring needs and likely future demand to size the project.
  • Based on the positions assigned to DoubleStar, a project team was deployed with strong experience recruiting for biotechnology organizations.
  • DoubleStar helped fine-tune recruitment processes, such as improving utilization of an applicant-tracking system and implementing new sourcing and screening techniques to identify viable candidates more quickly and accurately.
  • DoubleStar introduced recruitment metrics that helped the organization better understand recruiting effectiveness.

Phase II – Assuming Day-to-Day Recruiting Responsibilities

  • The client moved the entire recruiting process to DoubleStar, including directly interfacing with Hiring Managers without HR involvement.
  • The client and DoubleStar assigned project leaders to manage the recruiting relationship and ensure all service-level agreements were met.
  • Fine-tuning opportunities were identified and changes made to enhance process effectiveness.

Phase III – Transition from Pilot to Steady State

  • Once demand levels became more predictable, DoubleStar adjusted the project team to a more flexible model to accommodate fluctuating needs.
  • DoubleStar assigned a permanent project team to support a long-term recruiting solution.
  • Other areas of the company were added.
  • Formal project milestones were established, and periodic reporting/metrics were implemented.

Business Impacts

Following a successful RPO pilot, the client is fully engaged in a long-term RPO relationship, and other divisions have come on board. Benefits include:

  • Cost-per-hire reduction by more than $5,000 per hire in R&D
  • Elimination of at least $250,000 in annual agency spend
  • Creation of a centralized, efficient, and coordinated recruitment effort for R&D
  • Achievement of positive client satisfaction survey results indicating the pilot was a success
  • Development of a database of R&D candidates for future use
  • Provision of a scalable recruitment solution that can expand or contract depending on the client’s business needs

Global Pharma Company Identifies & Hires 60 Sales Reps in Record Time

Client Challenge

An unexpected increase in demand for new products created an immediate staffing need for a leading generic pharmaceutical company. To capture the market opportunity, the company needed an instant expansion of its US field sales force. The goal: hire 60 new sales reps and regional managers throughout the US and enroll them in pre-scheduled sales training classes within 8 weeks.

Our Solution

DoubleStar partnered with the client’s HR and sales leadership to develop a detailed recruiting project plan to meet their time and cost requirements. We assigned our team of recruiters and sourcers with extensive sales force expansion experience and created regionally focused teams to attack the roles by specific geographies.

Our solution included these components:

  • Researching/sourcing all candidates by using multiple planned sourcing initiatives
  • Coordinating all facets of the interview process, including scheduling, resume and interview summary distribution, and logistics
  • Attending on-site interview days to manage and/or participate in interviews as an additional voice/decision-maker
  • Conducting debriefing sessions with hiring managers at the completion of interview days
  • Executing and documenting reference checks, background checks, and drug screening on selected candidates
  • Extending and assisting in closing verbal offers
  • Coaching managers on best practices during the process

DoubleStar’s solution resulted in the filling of all 60 positions within 8 weeks at a cost below $3,000 per hire.

Business Impacts

The cost savings on this project were significant, estimated to be at least $400,000 compared to the company’s traditional recruiting methods. But the business impact was even more significant. Because the positions were filled on time and with the right talent, our client was able to increase market share and secure new relationships with hospitals and physician groups faster than their competitors. In addition, the client received over 9,500 candidates that we identified during the sourcing process that they will use in subsequent recruiting efforts. Finally, we left behind our methodology for running this project so that the client can replicate it in the future using their own staff, if they desire.

Specialty Pharma Firm Reimagines Recruitment

Client Challenge

A publicly traded specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the research, development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of prescription pharmaceutical products wanted to find a cost-effective Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner that could manage:

  • Full lifecycle sales recruitment and strategy
  • Candidate generation and identification
  • Talent database development
  • Applicant tracking
  • Metric reporting
  • On-boarding of new hires

The recruitment efforts were to focus on identifying and hiring top pharmaceutical sales talent for two associated companies. DoubleStar was selected to provide a customized RPO approach that offered a cost-effective, high-impact solution tailored to this client’s specific needs.

Our Solution

DoubleStar’s analysis of the organization’s recruiting needs suggested that combining and centralizing the divisional recruiting efforts for all sales roles nationwide would produce the most efficient and effective result. This required DoubleStar to assist in defining a single recruiting process that would address the needs of multiple sales forces and to provide an automated solution using a Web-based ATS.

In addition, DoubleStar implemented a customized, tiered RPO solution as follows:

  • Developed a comprehensive Recruitment Plan that mapped the entire project operation, roles and responsibilities, and expected budget impact
  • Developed a custom recruiting toolset for recruiters and managers to drive efficient project execution
  • Implemented a dedicated direct-sourcing effort to focus on hard-to-fill roles and geographies
  • Implemented a Comprehensive Sourcing Plan that minimized costs to acquire active and passive candidates
  • Assigned a core team of recruiters with pharmaceutical industry experience to conduct detailed interviews, document results, and consult directly to hiring managers
  • Assigned a support team to handle national scheduling and candidate care
  • Applied Coordination Design, a flex deployment model that adjusts resourcing levels based upon shifting demand targets

Business Impacts

DoubleStar’s customized RPO solution has enabled the client to maximize limited resources and respond quickly to market changes, including:

  • A cost-per-hire under $3,500 for 5 years running
  • 30-day average time-to-fill
  • A centralized, automated, scalable, solution, with increased candidate flow and shorter hiring cycles
  • Combined recruiting efforts for two separate field sales forces into one integrated solution
  • Detailed, qualified candidate database that serves as an ongoing recruiting tool
  • Reporting on talent-generation metrics, ROI, and EEO compliance

This client now has a reliable recruiting solution that can respond to hiring spikes, deliver targeted hiring initiatives in hard-to-recruit occupations/geographies, and flex to meet changing business requirements.