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Global Consumer Products Company Workshop

Client Challenge

A $60-billion consumer products company consolidated its recruiting function, creating a centralized, global shared service. The consolidation resulted in a significant change in the way recruiting was delivered to the organization’s 250 operating companies. Initial feedback from the businesses indicated that recruiters had become too administrative and process-oriented. Hiring Managers wanted business problem-solvers who could understand their issues and deliver the recruiting results they needed.

The recruiting leadership team recognized the need to refocus the recruiters on bringing value-added services to their internal customers. The leadership team identified the need for recruiters to:

  • Build better relationships with their internal clients.
  • Lead the development of fast, responsive recruiting solutions.
  • Manage recruiting initiatives to successful conclusion.
  • Coach inexperienced managers.

While the management team understood that a comprehensive training program could begin to address these goals, they were uncertain where to start and had no time to develop the toolsets required.

Our Solution

DoubleStar designed and delivered a customized Recruitment Consulting Skills Workshop for the client’s nationwide recruiting team. The one-day workshop was custom designed for this client’s unique needs.

First, we gathered individual competency input from each recruiting team leader. We then drafted a content outline and sample training scenarios for client team walk-throughs. Using that feedback, we built a one-day training event covering five key skills using interactive lecture, trainer simulations, participant role plays, and group problem-solving techniques. The course incorporated client-specific practices and customized interactive content, designed to provide participants the opportunity to practice the new techniques in real-life scenarios that they would face.

Business Impacts

DoubleStar successfully delivered over 80 hours of hands-on training in 15 sessions to 250 recruiters from the client’s national recruiting team. Specific outcomes of the workshops included:

  • Identified 2 specific actionable behaviors per participant to be changed within 90 days of the workshop and subsequently reviewed with their manager.
  • Reviewed key elements of forming strong, trusting consultative relationships by building credibility, demonstrating reliability, and acting selflessly.
  • Learned a structured approach to minimize the impact of scope changes by applying best-practice project management techniques to plan, execute, and manage recruiting initiatives.
  • Identified mechanisms for improving hiring manager engagement practices by reviewing models for delivering tough feedback, questioning and listening, influencing, and pushing back.
  • Applied concepts and techniques through one-on-one role plays, table discussions, and simulations designed to build a partnership mentality with internal customers.
  • Provided a forum for sharing tools and techniques for handling common recruitment issues by reviewing the client’s specific case studies in the areas of discrimination, hiring manager interviewing techniques, and candidate feedback and selection.
  • Saved the client time, effort, and money compared to a traditional training model due to DoubleStar’s ability to design and deliver the workshops with consultants that possessed hands-on recruiting and industry experience.