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Employee Spotlight: Michelle Billetta

Meet Michelle Billetta, one of our Senior Research Consultants at DoubleStar.

Her clients, who are primarily in the IT and science fields, have a growing need for research. According to Michelle, “Because there are so many jobs and so few people for those jobs, research has to go out and find enough appropriate candidates to fill those positions”. View her video to learn more about Michelle and what it’s like to work at DoubleStar.

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Employee Spotlight: Alison Worth

Meet Alison Worth, one of our Senior Recruitment Consultants at DoubleStar. 

For the past 11 years, she has met the challenges of many of our clients, including those in healthcare. According to Alison, “Healthcare has always been a challenge but over the last two years candidate recruitment has been the hardest thing that any recruiter has faced. Not only are there increased needs but people are leaving the industry at an unprecedented rate.” View her video to learn more about Alison and what it’s like to work at DoubleStar.

Want to join an exceptional team of recruitment professionals?

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DoubleStar Awarded 2022 Best Wellness Employer

DoubleStar, Inc., the country’s leading consulting firm focused on delivering talent acquisition solutions to employers in diverse industries, is honored to announce today that it has been awarded Honorable Mention, Best Wellness Employer from Wellness Workdays, Inc. – a Harvard University sponsored research program. The certification recognizes the outstanding achievements of businesses and organizations committed to creating best-in-class corporate wellness programs that promote a ​culture of wellbeing to engage employees.

“We are very proud to be recognized for the fourth year in a row as a ‘Best Wellness Employer’ by Wellness Workdays for our focus on creating programs to improve the wellbeing and wellness of our employees,” says Barbara Herbein, Managing Director, Operations. “Over the past year, we continued to offer a variety of exercise and mindfulness sessions—all in a virtual format, which provided the opportunity for our entire remote workforce to participate. We are very fortunate to work with HealthEase, our wellness program partner for the past five years and look forward to further enhancing our wellness program to meet our employees’ wellness needs.”

Wellness Workdays utilizes its proprietary, four-step wellness process to create corporate wellness and nutritional programs that will promote employee health and morale, increase productivity, and lower organization’s health care costs. You can find out more at and can also find them on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.

6 Strategies To Improve the Onboarding Process for Hybrid Workers

DoubleStar’s Managing Director, Christine Treski, shares her comments regarding 6 strategies to improve your onboarding process:

With the new landscape of remote work and hybrid schedules that has emerged over the last 18 months, companies need to re-evaluate their existing onboarding processes. This article shares six key strategies to help improve the onboarding experience. By creating a streamlined itinerary and including employees across many departments, you can create a rich and welcoming experience for your new hires!

How To Hire Someone You’ve Never Met

DoubleStar’s Managing Director, Christine Treski shares her comments regarding this insightful remote hiring article:

The shift to remote hiring, whether voluntary or not, has brought with it new opportunities but also new challenges. To improve your chances of finding the right person (even if you’ve never met them) and give them the best chance of success as a new teammate, read this article which offers a few helpful adjustments to consider.

Themes From the 2021 HR Tech Conference

DoubleStar’s Managing Director, Christine Treski shares her insights on a recap of the 2021 HR Tech conference:

There’s no shortage of urgent topics that HR leaders need to address in the coming year including the ongoing discussion about AI in the hiring process, women’s return to the workplace and ‘The Great Resignation’. This article hits on all of these topics as discussed at the recent HR Tech Conference.

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