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Global Pharma Developer Increases Interview Slate Diversity

Client Challenge

The US Division of a Global Pharmaceutical company sought to increase the representation of diverse candidates on interview slates to a minimum of 25% per slate for targeted roles. With precious few diverse candidates in the target populations, meeting this challenge would require a focused, deliberate approach.

Our Solution

In partnership with our client’s Talent Acquisition Team, DoubleStar led the development of a diversity recruiting initiative that used a combination of deep web-based research, focused sourcing, direct outreach, and disciplined screening to identify and qualify robust pools of diverse talent.

Our solution included:

  • Identification of specific targeted roles
  • Customized research and direct-sourcing initiatives for each role, including a different approach to provide candidates for current openings vs. building talent pipelines for likely future roles
  • Proactive, multichannel outreach initiatives, including cold-calling
  • Conducting detailed phone interviews to determine fit and qualifications

Business Impacts

This project was measured against very specific outcomes. The most important result is that 85% of the positions assigned to this effort now have at least a 25% diversity representation on interview slates.

Also, 200-400 qualified diversity candidates are added to our client’s talent database each month for use in future recruiting initiatives. Additionally, 250 new diverse candidates are added against current openings each month, of which 50% are moved into the hiring manager’s inbox. This means that 125 new diverse candidates are being identified each month that would not have been found using the client’s standard sourcing methods.