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Reshaping Your Career in the Wake of the Pandemic

DoubleStar Managing Director Christine Treski recently shared some insights on reshaping your career in the wake of the pandemic:

This topic is on the minds of most candidates we interview. As we move into hybrid offices and hybrid professional identities, we’re entering what social scientists call a “liminal” moment—when you’re exiting a previous way of being and entering another. Many professionals consider this to be an opportunity to craft work and careers they truly enjoy. Candidates are considering these questions about their future employers: Did they treat their employees fairly and with respect? How did they navigate uncertainty? Did they prioritize the short-term or the long-term? In addition, employees are looking for new ways to connect—physically and virtually—as a way to not only build their networks, but also gain access to those who are influential and may have previously been hard to reach. While the future workplace is still evolving, we feel that it’s important for employers to create strategies to address what’s on the minds of their future employees.