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Canadian Telecom & Media Leader Standardizes Recruitment Delivery

Client Challenge

A large Canadian communications and media company that employs more than 25,000 and hires over 5,000 annually was experiencing delays and disharmony at the outset of a new applicant tracking system (ATS) implementation. Unsure of its readiness to proceed, the company expressed an urgent need to review and standardize recruiting operations and practices across its disparate business units.

The company engaged DoubleStar to provide an assessment of its processes by comparing them to best practices and to provide a roadmap for improvement that was supported by the new ATS.

Our Solution

DoubleStar conducted a rapid (30-day) staffing process assessment to gain a 360-degree view of the current recruitment state, compare best practices, conduct gap analyses, and create a roadmap for improvement for simultaneous implementation of the company’s new ATS.

Our solution included:

  • Over 50 one-on-one interviews with key business leaders and HR stakeholders to determine corporate objectives and talent demand
  • Leading service delivery interviews with recruiting leaders and team members to understand the interaction between recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates
  • Reviewing existing recruitment processes/process maps, metrics, documents, tools, and templates
  • Analyzing the findings against best practices to create an overall improvement plan

Business Impacts

Our final deliverable was a complete process analysis, including Recommendations and a Transformation Plan. The client implemented all of DoubleStar’s key recommendations, which in turn enabled the successful completion of its ATS implementation on time and with high internal acceptance. Other key outcomes of this project included:

  • Standardized recruiting operations were established across all business units while retaining key local customization elements that impacted localized corporate branding.
  • Process reviews were completed prior to system customizations, saving the need for expensive redesigns.
  • Roadmap enabled an easy implementation of a Center of Excellence model.
  • Assessment provided a roadmap for pre- and post-implementation improvement projects that gave the client’s Recruitment Leadership Team project direction for 18 months.