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Acute Care Hospital Creates Targeted Direct Recruiting Initiatives

Client Challenge

An acute care hospital was having difficulty filling RN roles, and with more requisitions opening each week, they were falling further behind. They knew they needed to change their approach to their market but didn’t quite know how to attack the problem.

Our Solution

DoubleStar partnered with the client’s TA leader to analyze the problem and generate new solutions. The hospital employed about 1,800 RNs but had very little market intelligence about the remaining 4,500 RNs who lived in their county. As a first step, DoubleStar’s Talent Intelligence team developed a database of all RNs in the hospital’s county and close-in areas outside of the county. This database enabled us to create a ZIP code–specific view of the local RN population to determine RN market size by ZIP code. We then combined that data with hospital data on their current and former RN workforce.

With this data, we could determine the hospital’s market share of RNs in each ZIP code, and more importantly, how many RNs were available to be hired in each ZIP code. The hospital was able to use this information to build targeted recruiting campaigns, such as open houses, meets and greets, and outdoor advertising in new ways, knowing that their investments were highly targeted and more likely to be reaching their intended audience.

Business Impacts

Armed with a targeted list of RNs and a ZIP code–based market-share analysis of the regional RN talent market, this hospital was able to increase RN attendance at its recruiting events by 40+%, decrease its time-to-fill for RN openings by 3 weeks, and develop a pipeline of pre-qualified RN candidates for future recruiting needs.