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Healthcare System Fills EMR Analyst Roles in Record Time

Client Challenge

A leading healthcare system needed to cut implementation time in half for a new electronic medical records (EMR) system. The system needed to be installed in 400 physician practices in 18 months, an effort that required the identification, recruiting, and hiring of 40 highly specialized systems analysts and implementation specialists in less than 90 days.

Our Solution

DoubleStar assigned a team of recruitment consultants specializing in healthcare IT to identify candidates with the specific combination of IT and EMR knowledge required for these roles.

Working with the health system’s CIO and his direct reports, we designed and managed a recruiting initiative that identified talent targets, conducted an aggressive direct-recruiting campaign, executed detailed pre-qualification interviews, scheduled on-site interviews, and assisted our client in making and closing all offers.

Recruitment was only part of the assignment, however. DoubleStar worked with the existing IT management to construct a phased training and deployment process for the new hires to ensure optimal integration and the shortest time to productivity. The IT recruiting team later adopted this design as a best practice.

Business Impacts

The implementation of the new EMR system to 400 physician practices and ambulatory care offices took just 18 months – half the time originally projected. DoubleStar’s focused solution produced the required hires for less than $4,000 per hire, resulting in an overall savings of $250,000 compared to the cost of traditional third-party recruiting firms.

Additionally, our team transferred our entire work product to the client’s recruiting team, leaving them with a pipeline of recruitable talent for future openings and a replicable methodology for training and deploying new hires.