Assessments & Training


Sometimes, a different perspective makes all the difference.

There are times when every organization can benefit from an external perspective—especially when that perspective includes lessons gained from over 1,100 projects executed at over 325 organizations spanning multiple industries and a wide variety of organizations from 50-person start-ups to Fortune 50 global leaders.

At DoubleStar, we not only keep abreast of the latest innovations in our industry, but we also conduct original research and build proprietary solutions to help our clients improve. We gladly share our expertise and know-how with our clients to help them improve their talent acquisition performance and improve their hiring IQ.

Talent Acquisition Process Assessments

For clients seeking to discover opportunities to improve their recruiting function, DoubleStar offers industry-leading Talent Acquisition Process Assessments. Using proven methodologies to identify strengths and deficiencies, we shine a light on every opportunity to make operational improvements that enhance your function’s performance and increase its business impact.

Recruiter and Line Manager Training

We provide simulation-based, experiential training programs for recruiters and line managers that are guaranteed to improve assessment accuracy and hiring insight. Our training incorporates real-world business examples, uses realistic role plays and instructor simulations, and provides easy-to-understand, best-practice models to ensure learning continues beyond the classroom.